Someone from the company Brinkmann was looking for an Italian sounding name in the telephone book from Milan, which is how he found ‘Bugatti’. The brand was registered and they produced the first Bugatti coats in Herford in 1978. By creating a commercial, elegant and fashionable collection, Bugatti was able to strengthen its position.

Bugatti: the brand for the upper middle class

Bugatti is a high-quality sportswear collection that considers people’s budget.

Where Bugatti is today

Guaranteed quality through 40 years of experience. Bugatti is able to constantly improve and innovate by using high-quality technical fabrics like Outlast and Gore-Tex. The range consists of products that all match with one another and includes shirts, trousers, pullovers, jackets, coats, costumes, blazers, belts, scarves and even umbrellas.

Bugatti’s background

Brinkmann was founded in 1947 by Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann and employs 900 people, of which 380 work in Germany. In 2012 they built a 1600m² construction that was shaped like a boomerang. The establishment of this new administrative office was a milestone for the company along with the opening of a beautiful showroom in Hal 19 in Düsseldorf.

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