camel active

camel active


camel active is a brand that fully captures this idea of wanderlust, and not just in the sense of travel, but in the deep desire to discover the unknown, whether it be vibrant cities, broad landscapes or faraway lands. camel active is truly a worldwide brand, selling its products through retailers in over 50 countries. It has an extensive range of products, in clothes: jackets, shirts, pants and sweaters; footwear: casual everyday shoes, hiking boots and casual winter boots; and accessories: belts, gloves, hats and scarves.

This idea of adventure permeates every aspect of their clothing line, in the style and design of their products, they truly meet the demands of the active men and women who require more from their clothes. The camel active style is inspired by different journeys to distant lands, and what has been brought back is the perfect mixture of quality materials, functional designs, and modern and fashionable casual wear.

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Isa Decochez

Managing director
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