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CG - Club of Gents



CG - Club of Gents is a brand from Création Gross GmbhH & Co. KG, a specialist in ready-made, high-quality costumes. The story begins in 1925 with the foundation in South-Germany.

After 40 years of growth it was decided in 1965 that the company would exclusively focus on men’s wear, after which it was moved to Hersbruck. During the 80’s the company employed around 650 employees. The classy Création Gross costumes were successful beyond the German borders. In 1991 they visually rejuvenated, personalized and modernized the brand: Création Gross became Carl Gross.

CG - Club of Gents versus Carl Gross

A big step for Carl Gross was the launch of the first modular systems in which the company was and still is one of the European specialists. The range, that’s always in stock, is permanently growing.

In 2003 the company targets an important new audience. CG - Club of Gents now aims for young consumers and fashionable young seniors. From then on, CG - Club of Gents emerged as the driving force and is currently represented in 21 countries.

CG - Club of Gents today

To date, more than 650 people still work for Création Gross, both at home and abroad. With a turnover of more than 65 million euros (half of which comes from export) Création Gross has more than 900 loyal customers.

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Managing director
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